Baldwin County Democratic Party

About Us



Our mission is to find, train, support, and elect Democrats at the local, state, and national levels. We work on individual campaigns, precinct organizing, fundraising, public service, and events to promote the issues and values we care about.


Our vision is to build a strong, vocal Democratic Party in Baldwin County.




We are determined to provide economic opportunity for all Alabamians. It is our purpose to take maximum advantage of the bountiful natural resources with which we are blessed. We work for the day when no young Alabamian must go beyond the confines of our State to find opportunity. We are committed to the creation of a climate which will foster a greater growth of industry and agriculture. We are also dedicated to raising the minimum wage to a living one.


In recognition of our dependence on modern links of transportation, we seek not only major expressways, but also airways, railways, waterways, and local roadways extending to even our most remote areas. We are determined to develop transportation facilities that are second to none.


A quality system of public education is the cornerstone of all our attainments and the foundation of our hopes for the future; that we must relentlessly strive to attain such a system so that every child is afforded full opportunity to realize his or her God-given potential.


We are committed to clean air and water. We recognize that the complex problems of our era necessitate governmental action, control of which must be in the hands of the people and not those whose regulation has become unavoidable. The preservation and protection of our natural resources is a sacred obligation to unborn generations of Alabamians; that the development of our parks, recreational facilities, historical sites and wildlife is among the highest duties of our state.


Every citizen, no matter their race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation, no matter their social, professional, or economic status, is entitled to equal treatment before the law and to an equal vote at the ballot box. We are dedicated to protecting those rights.


The distribution of our state's tax burden should be without discrimination either for or against any region. Those who benefit most from our free enterprise system should bear a proportionate cost of its maintenance. We condemn all schemes of taxation, which shift a disproportionate burden of government onto to the shoulders of those who are least able to pay.